Beyonce to Release New Music Before the Superbowl


Beyoncé stans rejoice because King B will “definitely” be releasing new music before her upcoming February Super Bowl performance.

In a recent interview with Billboard, Bey’s collaborator The Dream says she’s ready to release new music. “She’s got her stuff going,” the hit-maker says. “She took the summer to start recording, and now she’s in a place where she’s ready to start gearing up to reveal her plan.”

Dream, who is “involved in every part of the process” of her fifth solo album, continued. “She’s already gearing up to get ready to put stuff out. I’m sure there will probably be a couple records you hear before the Super Bowl gets here.”

We expected some pretty dope track releases after B posted a studio love photo of her and Miguel. With four hit albums under her belt, we believe the style maven’s work can only get better.