Bloggers’ Circle: Do Genres Still Matter In Music?


Internet poster boys ponder why artists like Miguel have bucked traditional music genres for undefined sonics


Although some fans feel uncomfortable about their favorite artists not sticking to the genre they’re most known for, history proves some of the greatest never put themselves in a box. Prince did rock, pop, R&B and hip-hop—all on one album. A true musician can bend a genre and still win.

Sam Lansky

The shift has less to do with actual muddying of genre boundaries and more to do with this announcement artists make that they can’t be pigeonholed. It’s become a point of pride. Frank Ocean just makes the music he makes; I love that. Nicki Minaj will continue to generate confusion.

Adeniyi Omisore

The same person that goes to a Coldplay concert might be at Kendrick Lamar’s or Alicia Keys’ show. The genre walls probably won’t fall—genres are a source of history, inspiration and style—but artists will continue incorporating different elements and possibly creating new genres. –As Told To Stacy-Ann Ellis

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