Bloody Zimmerman Photo Released From Night Of Trayvon Martin Killing


The lawyers of George Zimmerman released a bloody photograph of Zimmerman this week, showing his face apparently injured from the altercation that left teenager Trayvon Martin dead.

The bloody Zimmerman photo was taken by Sanford, FL police on February 26th, in the wake of the incident between Zimmerman and the teen Martin. Zimmerman has contended in the past that Martin attacked him, and the bloody photo, posted to his lawyer’s website, is almost certainly meant to reinforce that point. Zimmerman is out on $1 million bail while awaiting trial for second-degree murder.

The bloody Zimmerman photo may be a calculated move to sway the court of public opinion, which was most certainly in favor of the dead teen in the immediate aftermath of the incident. Zimmerman claims the 17-year-old broke his nose during the altercation, and the photo certainly lends credence to that claim. However, it will be up to a jury to decide Zimmerman’s fate, in spite of any photographic evidence.