Boy Meets World Star Engaged


A Boy Meets World star engaged is the latest in Boy Meets World news!

Former Boy Meets World star Rider Strong is engaged to his girlfriend Alexandra Barreto, according to US Weekly. That’s the latest in a cavalcade of Boy Meets World news from the last few months – the show is being rebooted as “Girl Meets World” at some point in the near future, and former star Ben Savage just had a new baby last month.

But now, Boy Meets World star Rider Strong is engaged. The 33-year-old played Cory’s best friend Shawn on the much loved 90s sitcom, and still has his heartthrob looks. He told US Weekly that he crafted his wedding ring himself, and met his bride-to-be on the set of the short-lived TV series Pepper Dennis.

Strong is apparently not involved in the Boy Meets World remake, but that could change as final casting is settled. For now, the Boy Meets World star’s engagement is the biggest news for Rider Strong.