Brandy Talks New Life, Whitney Houston & Meeting Frank Ocean


Lose Some, Win Some

The R&B vet breaks down her biggest life lessons


I’ve been at a low point, in a dark place. I had suicidal thoughts, but not to the point where I did [anything]. I wasn’t singing, I wasn’t acting, and I didn’t feel like I had a purpose anymore.

[After Whitney Houston passed], Ray J and I stayed close. I watched him cry and cry and cry. I’m in a lot of pain as well, but I didn’t want him to see me hurt so I didn’t cry in front of Ray. We took walks, he vented a lot, and he talked about it. I’d never seen him in such a vulnerable place.

I don’t know if I learned a lesson [from the car accident]. It was more of an understanding that I couldn’t change anything. I couldn’t go back. That was hard to accept because I was involved in something so tragic that someone lost their life. You can’t wrap your mind around that.

I hate that I lost touch with [Whitney] throughout the years. I wasn’t there for her in her hard moments. I would call her and couldn’t get in touch. I had my own struggles—not as hard as hers—but I felt that I could’ve been a better friend.


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