Brooke Burke Says She’s Cancer-Free


Just a week after undergoing thryoidectomy, Brooke Burke announced that she is living cancer-free.

The “Dancing With The Stars” co-host took to her blog to share the good news. “I just got the results back from all of my tests and great news — the thyroid cancer has been removed from my body and all my lymph nodes are clear,” she wrote. “So I’m hoping that this is the end of the story. Woohoo!!! And thank GOD!”

She says that she has caught up on her favorite television shows since the surgery. “My surgery went really well and recovery is much better than I expected it would be,” she wrote. “I’ve been home for the past week, watching a lot of TV, which I never do. Having movie marathons and I’ve almost made it through the entire season of Showtime’s hit show Homeland. I can’t remember the last time I lost myself in someone else’s story.”

The mother of four also says that the operation gave her a welcome break from her chaotic schedule. “In a weird way, it’s kind of the perfect ending to a very busy year. I’ve taken the rest of the year off to recover and catch up with my family and now we’re just celebrating life. I never thought a mandatory vacation would be under these circumstances but it’s nice to quiet the noise and enjoy the R&R and stay home for a change.”

Via: Us Magazine

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