Bun B Wants All Rappers Using “Trill” To Give Props


Hip-hop is the world of recyclable slang, but Bun B just wants to make sure people remember where the word “trill” came from. Joining the company of words like “swag” in today’s most overused hip-hop vocabulary, “trill” is the latest word to star in the game of “who came up with what,” and Bun B is staking his claim. The Port Arthur, TX rapper and one-half of duo UGK took to Twitter yesterday (Dec. 25), airing out rappers who use the term without giving credit to him and the late Pimp C. He posted a number of tweets on the issue:

“@BunBTrillOG: I guess everybody putting Trill on everything like nobody has a trademark on it. When you get that letter in the mail don’t act surprised.”

“@BunBTrillOG: Using trill and showing love to UGK and Port Arthur, the land of the trill, is one thing. But some of these cats think they made it up. No.”

“@BunBTrillOG: I know some cats show love and respect. But using the term for money and not breaking bread with Pimp family ain’t keeping it trill at all.”

Harlem’s A$AP Rocky is among the number of rappers who now employ the use of “trill.” Bun B clarified that his rant was not targeted at A$AP and instead pointed to an earlier generation.

“And no I’m not talking bout Rocky,” he continued. “Niggas have been trying to co-op our terms and slang from down here before homie even started rapping.”

Bun B and Pimp C first used the word “trill” on a track from their 1988 EP The Southern Way entitled “Trill Ass Nigga.”