CIA Agent Who Found Bin Laden Hated by Coworkers?


If you’re a fan of Showtime’s hit series Homeland, get ready to meet the real-life Carrie Mathison.

According to the The Washington Post, the anonymous CIA agent responsible for Osama Bin Laden’s death—which is translated in the upcoming film Zero Dark Thirty—is actually not very popular at work. Reports claim she’s been passed over for a promotion & also isn’t described as the nicest of coworkers.

Here’s an example of the anonymous CIA agent’s post-Osama treatment, detailed by The Atlantic Wire:

“After the successful raid [on Osama bin Laden], this agent and a few others were awarded the CIA’s highest honor for non-combat officers, the Distinguished Intelligence Medal. Instead of congratulating her coworkers, she hit reply-all on an email to the recipients and said that only she deserved the award, since everybody else tried to get in her way when she knew she was right. (Homeland fans, just imagine every scene with Carrie and her bosses, ever.) Around the same time and for unknown reasons, the agent was passed over for a promotion that could’ve brought her an extra $16,000 a year in income, though she did receive a cash reward of an undisclosed amount for her work on the bin Laden case.”

We say cut the lady some slack. She helped take down America’s most wanted for crying out loud.

Watch the trailer for Zero Dark Thirty below: