Daniel Radcliffe Says “Good Actors Don’t Seek Out Paparazzi Attention”


While Daniel Radcliffe has spent a good chunk of his career in Hogwarts as Harry Potter, the British actor says he prefers to film in the land of the Canucks.

“What’s impressive about Canada is that they don’t do English accents as much around me as they do in America,” Radcliffe tells ET Online while filming his upcoming flick “Horns” in different parts up North. “I’d film in Canada any other time, any day of the week.”

When it comes to his personal life, the Harry Potter star prefers to keep the details private. “Good actors don’t seek out paparazzi attention,” he says. “I don’t think [people] know me but they have a sense of who I am as a person and that’s good but…the day-to-day details don’t need to be known.”

Check out more of his Canadian adventures below.