Did They Smash? Bow Wow and Esther Baxter Throw Shots


Bow Wow is letting it all hang out. The rapper/actor went on Sway In The Morning and talked about losing his virginity to video vixen Esther Baxter. “I lost my virginity at 16 to a girl who I knew I couldn’t turn down,” he said. Bow took the question in stride but the model (who you may remember from her illustrious appearance in Petey Pablo’s “Freak A Leek” music video in 2004 was not having it.

“Do I REALLY have to respond to this shit!?!,” Esther tweeted over the weekend. She should have taken her own advice and stopped there but instead went on a Twitter tirade against Bow Wow. “First…you people believe the SILLIEST shit!!! Lmao! I thought this shit was a joke…but Lil homie ACTUALLY said that shit! Nigga really shot for the stars with that one!!! Couldn’t think of anyone else huh!?! It’s cool I know times are hard right now but u should’ve at least let me know so we could BOTH benefit” and described a sexual encounter with her as a “ballerific fantasy bro.”

Like any red-blooded 25-year-old, Bow Wow took the low road and started throwing plenty of digs at his former paramour. “Daaaamn @Esther_Baxter pic.twitter.com/Mpz0gQAL” he tweeted along with “This song is for you @Esther_Baxter @thegame – Wouldn’t Get Far ft. Kanye West.” Wait? So The Game smashed too? We can’t keep up with these rapper sexual circles.”

Did Bow Wow smash Esther Baxter when he was 16? Maybe. Does anyone really care? No. A decade later, neither of them seems to have matured enough to be an adult about whatever did transpire. It’s just sex, people. Everybody does it. Going on the radio, Twitter, etc. to boasting and/or deny your former bedmates is so childish. From both of their actions, it’s clear though that something probably did go down and just maybe, neither of them has really moved on. What’s next? We hope Mona Scott-Young is watching this. The plot line writes itself.