DJ/Producer John Digweed Speaks On His Sound, Dream Collabo and New Year’s Resolutions


John Digweed has been mastering the turntables since he was 15. Now the English DJ/producer has just dropped his Bedrock 14 compilation and will be performing at the 2013 BPM Festival in Mexico. Here, we speak with the track-cutter about his sound and new year’s resolutions.

VIBE: First of all your album in VIBE’s top list for 2012. What’s it like to see yourself in a music publication that has been around 20 years?
It shows that if you work hard and are driven to keep pushing yourself and improving what you do, you can still stay relevant. I am proud that after all these years, my sound is still on the cutting edge.

How would you explain your sound to electronic music novices who are just learning?
I try and play music that is intricate and has detail within the sounds ranging from the deeper house sounds to techno. I don`t play commercial music or tracks that are on the radio. I try to bring new sounds to people who want to listen.

If you had to choose one rapper to produce a track with, who would you choose? Why?
I grew up with hip-hop when it first emerged and loved it then as it was fresh and new I play house music now and have never really felt that rapping on house music translated that well as it works so much better as a instrumental. For me, Rakim was one of my favourite rappers with the album Paid In Full still sounding good today.

What are the best places to hear live music in London?
For me, Fabric is still one of the best venues in London, with proper underground and amazing soundsystem.

What are your plans for 2013?
[The year’s] already looking very busy with tours in Australia, South America and all over Europe and Asia as well as some great dates across North America including Electric Daisy Carnival and the Ultra music festival and some great club shows.

Any new Year’s Resolutions?
Keep pushing new music and trying to promote new artists through my record label [Bedrock Records].

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