Domino’s Pizza Founder Sues Government Over Contraception Mandate


Domino’s Pizza founder Tom Monaghan is taking his views on Obamacare’s mandatory contraception coverage in health care to the courtroom.

Monaghan, who prides himself in being a devout Roman Catholic, believes contraception should not be a part of government health care. He even stated that he felt it was a “gravely immoral” practice. This past Friday (Dec. 14), he filed a lawsuit in federal court against the law. The Pizza tycoon also named Domino’s Farms, an office park he owns, as a plaintiff in the lawsuit.

The AP Reports:

Monaghan offers health insurance that excludes contraception and abortion for employees. The new federal law requires employers to offer insurance including contraception coverage or risk fines.

He says the law violates his rights, and is asking a judge to strike down the mandate. There are similar lawsuits pending nationwide.The government says the contraception mandate benefits women.