Donna Summer Inducted into Rock And Roll Hall of Fame


Donna Summer, Public Enemy, and Quincy Jones lead the list of new inductees for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, while some notable other acts will continue to wait.

“Donna Summer” is a name synonymous with disco – the “Queen of Disco” had three number one hits in her distinguished career and was one of the defining singers of the disco era. Her unexpected death in May at the age of 63 made headlines worldwide.

Public Enemy contributed as much to the development of hip-hop as any group, but they edged out West Coast legends N.W.A., who were on the short list of nominees and did not make the final cut. Both groups were highly controversial in their day, although Public Enemy caused more strife with their heady subject matter, while N.W.A. drew controversy for everything from their name to their lyrics.

Quincy Jones is a living legend as a composer and producer, and joined fellow movie composer and Oscar winner Randy Newman as one of eight inductees.

Other notables inducted are the bands Rush, Heart, and the late blues guitarist Albert King.