Drake Calls Out Macy’s and Walgreens for Sellng YOLO Products


There’s a certain “motto” that Drake lives by, and after sharing it with the world, “Y.O.L.O,” has infiltrated pop culture for good.

What started out as a simple lyric on his 2011 collaboration with Lil Wayne,”The Motto,” turned into a worldwide catchphrase. Sure, Drizzy wasn’t the one to coin the saying “you only live once,” but Y.O.L.O… we’ll give him that. The acronym has caught on like wildfire and has been seen plastered all over shirts, shot glasses, hats, and just about any other product with a flat surface.

Over the weekend, Drake found himself doing a little shopping and realized just who was cashing in on his music: Walgreen’s and Macy’s. While its likely the companies actually manufacturing the goods are not affiliated with either store, Drake still wants his royalties. He recently posted photos of some YOLO products being sold in each store with these messages.

“Walgreens… you either chill or cut the cheque”

“Macy’s… same goes for you”

He’s joking, right?!