Dubstep Explained In Science Video


Our Vibe Media friends over at BlackBook have just discovered the answer to the allusive questions some of us dubstep noobs have been asking when hitting a dance festival for the first time: “What really is this thing called ‘dubstep?'” Sure it sounds awesome, but how would you describe it.

“Important news for anyone who has sounded really dumb in explaining what dubstep is—i.e., anyone who has ever tried: it’s actually just a series of scientific sound effects, as demonstrated in an unexpectedly captivating remix of laboratory work from the good people at Periodic Videos, an educational chemistry website.”

So basically it’s Bill Nye meets Skrillex, as you will find in the informational video above. Sure wish they had played something like this in when we were in school.

For further details behind the growing phenomenon “slash” guilty pleasure, head over to BlackBookMag.com.