Trend to Try: Earring Cuffs


The jingle of Santa’s sleigh isn’t the only sound you’ll hear this holiday! That could also be the stylish sounds of your earring cuffs catching everyone’s attention.

Today’s hottest new trend can be seen on everyone from Skyfall’s Naomie Harris to Vampire Diaries’ Kat Graham. Vixens who aren’t big on accessories can benefit from this small embellishment with a big impact. Like normal earrings, there isn’t just one kind, and this radical fashion accessory is not just for rock stars.

Whether you want to add lots of sparkle to a daring ensemble or just a hint of edge to a classy gown, earring cuffs are the best way to adorn your ear without extra piercings.

Check out our 5 favorite affordable cuffs and bejewel your ears now!