Gabby Talks Meeting Beyoncé with TJ Holmes [VIDEO]


Michelle Obama’s DNC speech. Beyoncé’s return to world domination post BIC. Kerry Washington’s “scandalous” breakthrough. Black women rocked in 2012. And who knew a tiny 16 year old gymnast would have the best year of them all?! Olympian Gabby Douglas had everyone on their feet and cheering as she flipped her way to two gold medals. Since then, the medalist has made media rounds to spread inspiration and promote her latest endeavor: a memoir about her road to London and the setbacks she experienced along the way.

In a recent sit down with TJ Holmes on BET’s “Don’t Sleep!,” Gabby touched on the never-ending criticism about her hair (really America?!) and some lighter topics including meeting Beyoncé:I’ve been a big fan of her for a long time. I love her dances, I dance to them. I love her personality, I just think she would be so cool to meet. And Jay-Z.”