Give It A Rest! How Text Messaging Strains Relationships

Text messaging can be a saving grace; a timesaver that lends the opportunity to literally think before you speak. For a Vixen on the go, it’s a means to sanity as she is bombarded with questions and a growing to-do list throughout the day. In short, it’s the primary medium through which all human beings communicate today, including in romantic relationships.

Preceded by the classic love letter and actual phone conversations, texting enables two lovers to communicate and maintain their bond. Although it seems like a great idea, the truth is text messaging will more than likely strain your relationship. While women tend to think with the verbal and detail-oriented left side of their brain, men think with the opposite: the spatial and intuitive right side. So when you say “let’s talk” to your boyfriend, you shouldn’t be surprised when he quietly sits as you lament about whatever problem you’re having. Since there is minimal research on how texting affects romance, I can only draw from personal experience.

For me, the biggest con to texting is the dreaded one- (or two-) word response. As someone who enjoys sharing small victories throughout the day, it boils my blood when my excitement is met with a dull “Oh, that’s cool” reaction. Really?! How one-sided does our “conversation” look when you don’t seem happy for me, no matter how big or small the accomplishment? Clearly…