Give It A Rest! How Text Messaging Strains Relationships


Woman texting Emotions don’t always translate via text messages.

A “hell no” or “LOL” could be taken as a sarcastic rebuttal, and those with a habit of over-thinking will walk on eggshells as they conjour up an appropriate response. When the response is wrong, you’ll either hear nothing back or turn your exchange of information into an argument.

Another setback in the seemingly forward technology is the non-response. For those who are in a new relationship, the lag time between texts can be nerve-wracking. Is he ignoring you or is he just busy? Are you annoying him or is he just talking to someone else?

Finally, the most damaging aspect of a text is the information it carries. Although I don’t think going through your man’s phone is right, seeing words (or images) exchanged with another female is a dagger to the heart. Unfortunately, it’s easier to cheat today more than ever before thanks in part to the text message.

At the end of the day, don’t make texting the primary mode of communication in a relationship. Person-to-person and verbal communication are the keys to a relationship. It’s the sound of someone’s voice and touch of someone’s hand on yours that builds trust. And if either of you aren’t willing to put in the effort to communicate effectively, why are you in a relationship?

It’s time to grow up, Vixens.