Google Maps Is Back on Your iPhone!


When iPhone users made the highly-anticipated switch to iOS 6, they gained a gang of new features, but lost one very pivotal application. In an effort to beat Google at it’s own game, Apple iced out Google’s insanely popular navigation tool and replaced it with their own version. Almost instantaneously, iOS 6 users felt a gripping loss, as Apple Maps had not lived up to the standard of its very capable predecessor.

Overall, Apple Maps drew discontent from the start. In what was perhaps its greatest mistake, the application failed to include public transportation directions, directing users to other apps for what Google Maps had done on its own. Another large complaint surrounded Apple’s generally poor navigation, which led users to undesired destinations. The application was also slammed for broken roads and inaccurate search results for addresses. And while Apple did succeed at a 3D interface, users were also dissatisfied with the misrepresentation of national monuments.

It seems this overflowing outcry from iOS 6 left Apple no choice, as Google Maps reemerged in the Apple App Store Wednesday night (Dec. 12) and quickly rose to the number one spot. Apple also fired the head of their Maps team, Richard Williamson, back in November.

And now, iPhone users can rejoice as Google Maps has returned better than ever. The latest version of the application features a sleek new design, a 3D-panoramic Street View function, and reviews of restaurants and attractions via Zagat and Yelp.

In the meantime, it’s back to the maps drawing board for Apple. –Iyana Robertson