Shades of Harvard? Kinky Sex Club Approved


Harvard students have their heads in much more than the books, according to CNN.

These elite scholars are now able to join a school-sanctioned club for the campus dwellers who prefer “kinky sex.” Harvard College Munch, a BDSM-focused social group, began meeting in the University’s dining hall last year to discuss their sexual preferences and similarities. Now, the idea of sharing their Shades of Grey-esque desires has been recognized by the school’s Student Life committee.

The Harvard Crimson, the Ivy League’s campus newspaper, says the 30-member club went through the proper channels and will be allowed to apply for grants and promote their events openly under a five-color code system that protects students’ privacy.

“No other group exists as a forum for students interested in alternative sexualities to explore their identities and develop a community with their peers,” the group says on the school website.

Harvard spokesman Jeff Neal said the school doesn’t endorse the view or activities of any officially recognized student group.

Photo credit: CNN

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