A History of Beyonce’s Relationship With Pepsi


Beyonce and Pepsi have staked their claims as household names as separate entities in their own rights, but something special happens every time they come together. With the news of Beyonce’s latest $50 million Pepsi campaign, it is obvious that the two will only get bigger and better. With a decade-long relationship under their belt, the megastar and mega-brand setting their sights on an over-the top year in 2013.

As they gear up for their fifth TV spot and a slew of other power moves, let’s take a look back at the history of Pepsi and Beyonce:

1. A New Pepsi Face (2002)
Ten years ago marked the end of a Pepsi era that featured the tycoon’s then-most popular spokesperson to date: Britney Spears. Though the end of her deal would not completely remove Spears’ affiliation with the brand, it opened the door for Beyonce Knowles’ fresh face. In an effort to attract a more diverse audience, Beyonce inked a deal with Pepsi that would lead to her first Pepsi commercial, a musical spinoff of her first movie role in MTV’s “Carmen: A Hip Hopera.” At just 21 years old, Beyonce’s first Pepsi commercial was featured in the Superbowl that year.

“Any artist would be excited to be a part of Pepsi. You see their commercials and they have so much quality,” she said on the set. “I remember Michael Jackson’s commercial, I mean who doesn’t know that famous, extraordinary commercial and to think that I’m getting a chance to do this. I know that it’s gonna be perfect.”

2. Crazy in Love (2003)
The launch of Bey’s solo career was the beginning of what would eventually become the singer’s worldwide takeover. Before her debut and first number one single, “Crazy in Love,” rocked the top of the Billboard 100 for a whopping eight weeks, it became the soundtrack for her second Pepsi commercial. A visibly more mature Beyonce is featured in the commercial, leaving a gas station employee speechless as she sips a Pepsi can. It debuted during the first episode of Pepsi SMASH.

3. We Will Rock You- 2004
Pepsi and Beyonce have one thing in common: they go hard or go home. The brands 2004 campaign was the personification of this fact, as their lead commercial featured the return of Britney Spears, alongside Beyonce, P!nk and Enrique Iglesias for a “Gladiator” themed rendition of Queen’s anthem “We Will Rock You.” Sexy and and tough, the ad features the ladies taking on Iglesias from the lion’s pit as they belt out the triumphant tune. Finish with a crash landing of a cooler full of Pepsi and what do you have? Solid commercial gold. The song was also featured as a single on the Pepsi Music 2004 CD.

4. Wild Things (2005)
Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez at the same damn time? Yes please. Always an advocate for girl power, Beyonce’s 2005 Pepsi campaign took us back to her “Independent Women” video with Destiny’s Child as her and J.Lo took on a mob full of men in a Pepsi bar. Complete with skin-tight leather catsuits and attitudes to match, the girls pulled martial arts stunts to a mix of “Wild Thing.” And in an effort to include some eye candy for the ladies, the brand inluded British heartthrob David Beckham in the spot. But what happens when he tries to woo the girls with his charm? Swerve.

5. Big Business (2013)
With over ten years under Bey’s belt with the brand, it is only right that Pepsi takes on a bigger role in their latest collaboration. A more detailed business deal that includes the singer’s artistic freedom and the brand’s endorsement of the promo for her next album, Beyonce and Pepsi have created a marketing machine. Along with her fifth commercial and sponsoring her upcoming Superbowl halftime show, the brand will also roll out print ads and a limited edition can featuring the singer’s face. They are also gearing up to sponsor her 2013 world tour.