Recycle Your Old Clothes at H&M and Receive Shopping Discount


Ever look through your closet saying to yourself, “What was I thinking?”

The rate of fashion moves so quickly that one season you might be strutting down the street in a pair of high fashion harem pants and the next you might be the butt of an MC Hammer joke. Either way, those old clothes tend to pile up and end up in your little sisters’ wardrobe, in a bag for donation, or worse, in the trash.

Well, in case you don’t want to part with your fashion faves in a dramatic way, Swedish clothing retailer H&M’s Conscious Foundation wants your old threads.

The organization will become the first fashion company to launch a global clothing collecting initiative in all 48 of its markets beginning in February 2013. The mega-shop will gather stained, torn or simply out-of-date clothes in an in-store bin as an effort to reduce the environmental impact of clothes throughout their life cycle.

In return, customers who make donations will receive vouchers for each bag of used clothing to use toward future H&M purchases.
In 2010, 13.1 million tons of textile waste wound up in a landfill. The company explains that through this global initiative, H&M’s customers can save natural resources and contribute to reduced environmental impact by avoiding textile waste.

This is a great idea, not only for the environment, but for the person who hates to waste anything. What are your thoughts, Vixens?

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