Holiday Travel and Hot Destinations for 2013


ItalyVIXEN: Where are most young adults traveling now?
Greg Fischbein: Many continue to visit European cities like Italy and France—especially first time travelers who venture out to Europe as their first trip abroad because they still have a romanticism and history that is chock full of culture, food, and excitement. However, we’ve seen an increased interest in Latin America and Asia over the past few years. These regions are becoming increasingly popular with sites like Machu Picchu and the excitement of China after the Beijing Olympics in 2008.

VIXEN: Where do you foresee young adults traveling in the next 2 years? Why?
GF: Young adults have begun to expand their destinations and go into Latin America (such as Peru, Costa Rica, Argentina), and also Asia (Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, China). These destinations offer exotic experiences and the opportunity to observe vastly different cultures than our own.