Watch Jamie Foxx’s Hilarious “Ding Dong” SNL Sketch (Video)

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Fans of Saturday Night Live are still raving about Jaimie Foxx’s appearance on this week’s show. Last night’s broadcast was Foxx’s second time hosting SNL and he was a hit once again.

While most hip-hop lovers are only rewinding his special performance with 2 Chainz, his “Ding Dong” skit caught all the mainstream attention. As the world says goodbye to the Twinkie forever, the award winning actor brought its number 1 nemesis to life.

Watch the skit below!

TV Guide Reports:

Weeks after the sudden bankruptcy and closure of Hostess, Foxx dressed as dearly departed snack cake Ding Dong to lament the amount of attention given to his “snack brother from another batter”: Twinkie. “Y’all act like Twinkie is the only one with a delicious, creamy filling,” he said before accusing America of “snack profiling.” At least he now has time to return to the rap game:

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