Jay-Z Electrified: Top 5 EDM Spins


A good, or even great, Jay-Z EDM cut is hard to find, but when you find one, it hits you like a sonic soundbomb. Only the finest scratchmasters and spin whiz kids can whip up a mean remix of the hard rhymes and even brasher beats of Hov. In celebration of the Roc’s 43rd birthday yesterday, we have some fierce renditions, dusted and queued for your dose of booming ear candy. Jay-Z; you’ve been electrified.

1. “XXXO (Fulton Yard/Reese’s Pieces Remix) f. Jay-Z by M.I.A.
Though at first, a controversial electro-pop tune from Maya, with a revamped roundabeat beat and a drop from Jigga, this collabo was hot merging of hip-hop and dance from across the pond.

2. “Numb/Encore” Linkin Park and Jay-Z
An exhilarating mash-up of nu-metal and rap for the kids, the joint project from this band and one of the game’s boastful lyricists was definitely memorable.

3. “99 Secrets” Jay-Z/Passion Pit Mash-Up
Charmingly awkward, a tad dose of guileless to boot; totally awesome. This mash-up of geeked out indie music and one of Jay’s angriest hits is a unforeseen treat. Word.

4. Jay-Z & Kanye West vs. Bassjackers “Mush Mush in Paris” (Gyula Scherer Mashup)
Once heralded as possibly of the greatest dubstep reverbs in recent music history, the original and hypnotic Hit-Boy produced mega hit for Yeezy and Hov gets even “dubbier” on this

5. “Girls, Girls, Girls” (Paavola Hard Dance Remix)”
Described as hard dance, this thrashing revival of an ode to loving the multitude of ladies to wine and dine out there, was an attempt at making a Jay-Z track one you could fist pump to, and the effort is paroxysmal.