Jenni Rivera’s Remains Identified By Authorities


After Jenni Rivera died in a tragic plane crash, family members and friends have mourned the loss of the Spanish songstress along with publicist, her lawyer, a family friend and two pilots on board.

Authorities say they have identified her remains in the debris from the accident in Mexico.

CNN reports:

The remains of Rivera’s publicist and the plane’s co-pilot have also been identified, said Jorge Domene, a spokesman for Mexico’s Nuevo Leon state.

The medical examiner’s office in Monterrey compared DNA samples from the remains with a swab taken from the singer’s brother, Lupillo.

The confirmation of her death closed the door on a sliver of hope that Rivera’s family held on to until the very end. The family refused to say that Rivera was dead, even after officials said that no one survived the crash. Now that there is no doubt, the family is planning her funeral.

Employees at a funeral home in Monterrey say they will receive the singer’s remains, which will be cremated and placed in an ornate red urn.

Family friends said funeral plans weren’t set, but there will probably be a memorial in Mexico before the ashes are taken to a final resting place in Los Angeles. The cause of the crash is under investigation.

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