JoJo Calls New Mixtape “Most Cohesive Body of Work”


One run-through of JoJo’s latest mixtape Agape confirms that the chick has nailed her sound.

The brown-haired beauty who burst onto the scene at the tender age of 13 with the sassy single “Leave (Get Out)” has now become a woman, delivering such provocative singles like “Demonstrate.” On her 22nd birthday, the Boston-bred singer released her second freebie, filled with cinematic interludes, soulful confessions and melodic brainteasers.

After her recent show with gal pal/ Epic Records signee Leah Labelle at the Roxy in Los Angeles, JoJo caught up with Vixen to discuss her new mixtape. “I would say this is definitely the most cohesive body of work. It’s more of an experience, there’s more interludes,” she says. “It’ll kind of let you in on what’s been happening in my personal life, my family. It really plays on me being from Massachusetts, me living in L.A. and finding myself in between those two worlds, not feeling like I necessarily belong anywhere, but I guess that’s how most people feel in their 20s anyway.”

While she ticks off a long list of men in the music business she would like to collaborate with, one goal remains certain. “Wherever the dope music is, that’s where I wanna be.”

Catch our full interview with Jo below, where she also discusses how her single “Demonstrate” is her alternative to dirty texting.

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