Jourdan Dunn Talks Motherhood and Modeling: ‘I Have to Make Sh*t Work’


is on a steady incline to fame and doesn’t plan on letting any obstacles get in her way. The 22-year-old British model released an essay on Vogue UK where she opened up about what it was like to work both during and after her pregnancy all while modeling.

“I worked until I was six months pregnant,” she told the glossy. “I didn’t keep my pregnancy a secret especially, but I worried about how people would treat me when they found out. I worried about being judged, but I realised I can’t live for other people.”

Dunn continued to describe how much support she had while she was pregnant and how blessed she was. “I have felt very supported within the fashion industry. The agency really looked out for me. I went back to work after nine months – I didn’t feel any pressure to go back quickly, and when I did everyone was really supportive. I’ve had a good experience. The models with children would make sure I was eating properly and gave me a private area to breastfeed, and Heidi Mount, who has a child, is great.”

The supermom model and chef gives readers a real look into her real life in the essay.

Read it here.

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