Juelz Santana on Working With Lil Wayne, New Music, Def Jam


Juelz Santana set it off yesterday afternoon on MTV’s RapFix Live. Dipset’s long lost prince is finally ready to get back into motion. He confirmed his next mixtape and album will definitely be out in 2013. First, we’ll get the tape God Will’n, and then his solo LP, Born to Lose, Built to Win on Def Jam later in the year.

Check out everything Elz said below:

Juelz changed his mixtape title to Born to Lose, Built to Win. because he felt Reagan Era was dated especially after Kendrick Lamar used a similar title for a track. But before we get the LP, Juelz is releasing his God Wil’n mixtape at the top of 2013. He’s packed the project with big features, like a joint with Meek, Rozay, and Fab, separate collabos with Yo Gotti, Jadakiss, and Lloyd Banks. However, the biggest piece of news was defintely about Lil Wayne being the executive producer of his long awaited solo album.

Juelz talks about a recent trip to Miami where he met with Weezy and asked him to executive producer his next album. He also confirmed that they have at least 10 songs in the stash that no one has heard yet. He maintains that his relationship with Wayne was always good, but his legal and personal issues held him back from moving forward on collaborative projects with him.

In this part Juelz explains that he’s still tight with Def Jam and they will definitely be putting out his next album. He also talks about having love for L.A. Reid but did reveal that he dropped the ball on his “Back To The Crib” record which featured Chris Brown. He says Reid wanted him to replace him with Trey Songz

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