Justin Bieber Gives His Pet Hamster to Screaming Fan


A lucky Belieber is now the proud owner of Justin Bieber’s famous pet hamster.

According to a grainy cell-phone flick on TMZ, the “Girlfriend” singer handed his pet, named PAC, to a screaming fan at a show earlier this month. While inheriting the Biebs’ animal may have seemed like a sentimental gift from popstar to stan, the California Hamster Association is less than pleased.

“No doubt Justin Bieber meant well in delighting his adoring fan with the gift of his hamster, but without realizing it he was practicing a form of animal cruelty,” CHA spokesman David Imber told ABC News. “No pet, large or small, should ever be ‘gifted’ to an unknowing recipient.”

However, a tweet from the little guy assures PAC has been left in good hands. “Yes, it’s true. @victoriablair21 is ‘my’ new owner, she takes care of me so don’t worry.”