Katt Williams Arrested (Again) in California for “High-Speed” Chase


The public meltdown of Katt Williams is becoming hard to track. We’ll do our best here…

Police apprehended the troubled comedian this weekend in Dunnigan, Calif after being issued an arrest warrant out of the Sacramento adjacent Yolo County. The warrant stemmed from the Nov. 25 high-speed joyride that Williams took the police on through the sidewalks of Sacramento. Williams was reported driving his red, three-wheel motorcycle recklessly on the California capital’s sidewalks, however he eluded police, who were forced to call off the chase for fear of public safety. The chase lasted two minutes and reached 35 mph. The police went to the D.A. afterwards in an effort to obtain a felony evasion charge.

Williams was pulled over for a different traffic violation on Thursday while at a gas station in Dunnigan, which is some 40 miles away from Sacramento. He was arrested and later released from custody on Saturday.

The arrest comes after several disturbing headlines involving Williams began surfacing last month. He has assault charges pending with the Yolo County DA from when he slapped a Target employee earlier this month. A few days later he was arrested following a bar dispute in Seattle. Shortly thereafter, Williams announced his retirement from comedy, but still missed the arraignment for the bar incident.

Not surprisingly Williams’ tour has been cancelled.