Katt Williams Hit With $4 Million Tax Lien


The troubles just keep piling up for Katt Williams as of late.

After months of bizarre activity, the comedian has now been hit with a $4 million tax lien from the IRS. The whopping total is a combination of $3.2 million owed in 2008 and $829,352 in 2009. This is the second lien the IRS has imposed on Williams; a lien for $284,000 was filed against him in 2010.

Williams has been the subject of controversy this year, with arrests, police chases and physical altercations all on his list of antics in 2012. Though he initially retired this month, Katt then stated that he would return to touring, which could help his latest financial woes. The comedian also has a pending $50 million lawsuit against the state of Seattle for defamation of character that could lend a hand in the tax lien as well.

Let’s hope Katt has better luck in 2013.

via Contact Music