Katt Williams Mentally Unstable?


Katt Williams has been the subject of controversy these past couple of years. From slapping a Target employee, to high-speed police chases, the comedian has most recently exhibited various sorts of erratic and criminal behaviors that have left the public questioning his mental state yet again.

On Monday (Dec. 10), blogger Necole Bitchie posted an anonymous email she received from a supposed former associate of Williams, who claims that he needs intensive mental care after being diagnosed with bi-polar schizophrenia in 2008, and that he is not on drugs.

“I used to be a part of Katt Williams’ camp and I would like to remain anonymous,” the email read. “I am really hoping you post this. I know his girlfriend (who needs just as much help as he does) searches for this stuff online and shows it to him. Katt has outcasted EVERYONE who cares about him for trying to help him.”

The anonymous associate claims that Williams is now surrounded by people who are are equally unstable or ill-intended on spending his money. According to the email, the comedian’s girlfriend has been “brainwashed by him and does whatever he tells her,” and is in need of care as well. The associate also claims that Williams requested that people nearest to him call him “MY Lord” at some point in his series of strange behavior. In addition, the email points out a pattern in the comedian’s behavior and states that it is characteristic of his illness.

“If you do your research as to when things start happening with him every year it’s around the same time. Oct – Jan he is in a MANIC DEPRESSIVE state and he is not on any meds,” the email stated. “Don’t get me wrong he’s mentally ill 365 days a year however starting around October and ending around January he goes through SERIOUS trouble.”

According to the email, Williams’ parents vowed to get him the help he needed upon a psychiatric hospital release, but never followed through with his care. The associate claims that the comedian is not on any medications, and pleaded that the reason for his behavior be publicized in an effort to get him the help he needs. The email also expressed concern for William’s children who are allegedly suffering from his antics.

“He has four children still in his custody and they are the REAL victims here. He’s taken them out of school for 2 years. They are witnessing his erratic behavior and they’re soon going to need help as well,” the anonymous associate wrote. “I love Katt and i want to see him get better and do better, if for nothing, more for those children.”