Keyshia Cole Talks Fellatio Pic and Steve Madden Shoe Line


‘s hustle in the past few weeks has been phenomenal. Between the release of Woman to Woman and her critically acclaimed reality show, life is good in the Gibson household. In an effort to shake things up, someone decided to release a picture of an alleged Keyshia performing fellatio on a man that isn’t her husband. During a recent chat with Boy Loco of 97.9 The Beat, Keyshia discussed how scandal hasn’t affected her strong relationship:

“It’s so weird, so awkward. Daniel is more of my backbone like, ‘Yo its cool, don’t worry about that.’ [People] were really excited about that possibly being me. I was like really? [They were saying] ‘Yeah Daniel, you are married, and this is you’. It was hurtful, because I built my career quite doing the opposite. So it’s painful to come so far and for someone to do that. People who are really fans of mine, they know that I do not have a tattoo on my left arm. It was kind of already from the jump like ‘um no’. Men, more so than anybody, were really tweeting me about this picture.”

In happier news, Keyshia also has plans for a new book and shoe line. Her collaboration with Steve Madden will feature high heels and comfortable wedges for women and be available at highend retailers including Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s and Nordstrom’s.

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