Kimora Lee Simmons: Fabulously Evolved


Kimora Lee SimmonsThat thirst for upward movement has propelled Simmons to heights she’d always hoped for, but hadn’t quite anticipated surpassing.“I’ve developed and built a billion dollar brand. Look at all of the other things that were spawned off of those kinds of brands: your Rocawears and Deréons of the world. Your Jessica Simpsons and Justin Timberlakes. It’s about how you grow and go from one thing to the next.”

Baby Phat, the clothing and lifestyle brand that littered closets in the early 2000s, is the parent of such urban offspring. It contributed to a significant portion of her entrepreneurial success, but she, like her fan base, has grown up. “We’re not living in the clubs anymore,” she says. “We, me, you, have other responsibilities now. We’re not this young teeny-bopper girl. We still want to be sexy and look and feel great, but we want to do it in a sophisticated way now.” JustFab is the accent mark to that statement.

In 2013, Simmons hopes to roll out JustFab’s first freestanding stores in top tier locations (“I would love Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive but that’s obviously wishful thinking”). She owes her success (and boundless imagination) to her tunnel vision dreams and zest for life.

“I’m a fashion person and that’s what I do forever,” she said. “You have to live it, honey! That’s what I do. People know that. You know where to find me, you know what I think, you know what I do and you know how I do it. I live it.”

This article appears in VV’s Dec/Jan Digital Magazine. Read it here!