Kris Wadsworth’s VIBE Exclusive Podcast + Detroit Producer Needs Mothf**kin Soap!


Kris Wadsworth is the ATL-born, Detroit-buttered electronic music producer who dropped his debut album, Life and Death, last month on Get Physical Music. His genre is non-definable, nor do we care to define it. Techno, drum n’ bass, deep house, electronica.. it’s all there displaying Wadsworth’s impeccable attention to detail in the studio.

When we asked him: Define your sound to a complete electronic music novice. Here’s what we got…
People run the term “underground” into the ground. You’re reading about and listening to the underground right now. This is “beyond EDM,” but for real. My sh*t comes from outer space. It comes from the depths of hell and it wonders if heaven exists. It comes from love and it comes from hate. It comes from being broke as fu*k; it comes from paying my rent. It comes from a smart-ass human being. If you want to get into genres, I can’t really help you there. It’s just “me.” I don’t give a sh*t if my music is a number one hit; I give a sh*t if it’s true to who I am and can reach a person and make them think. If you like what I do; then you like what I do. It’s whatever you want it to be. A good artist can express themselves accurately, that is what I am always trying to do. (Full Q&A below VIBE Exclusive Stream/Download).

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VIBE: Explain the importance of a Podcast.
Kris Wadsorth: It’s a moment in time to show people what you’re about. It’s also paying respect to other artists. Hopefully, you expose people to cool stuff that they may not know about in a unique way. That’s what a DJ’s job is, and not just with new stuff either. You are supposed to have uncommon skill and uncommon knowledge. Podcasts or mixes often don’t change the world, but if you’re looking to hear what a DJ, podcasts are a good way to start out. Every single one I do is different, but still reflects who I am as a person and as a DJ. You can tell a lot about a person by what they pick out for a mix. You are what you eat…

Who are your favorite rappers? Any hip-hop artists you’d love to get in the studio with?
That list is very long, but off the top of my head: Ghostface Killah, RZA, Keith Murray, Raekwon, Kool Keith, KRS One, etc. You can’t fu*k with NYC hip-hop, everybody knows that. I have no idea what I would do with one of those dudes in the studio though. Probably make some really crazy stuff. It’s not a conscious goal, but I’d definitely make something come out it if I had the chance.

Plans for 2013?
I’m already in the middle of producing another album. It’s for one of the best labels in London called Hypercolour. I’ve been working with these guys for like five years doing all sorts of things, so it’s really cool to be doing a full-length album for them finally. I started my own vinyl-only label, mastered at the best vinyl mastering house in the world which will see the light of release in January, 2013. I remix a lot of people because I guess I’m good at it? I suppose that might be the reason, but all sorts of people from brand new guys, to absolute legends have already, or are asking for remixes almost on a weekly basis. I could write out my production schedule and almost spell out my whole next year, but basically I just want to keep progressing. I have a lot of great opportunities in the production side of my career, as well as the DJ side of my career. I’m really looking forward to playing in Australia, the Middle East, and possibly in Asia, and I’d really like to come back over and hit the America’s some more. I love performing and living in Europe, but home is home. Otherwise, I guess just keep on doing what I’m doing and doing it better and better.

What was your most memorable moment on tour?
The way I grew up, it was like: “F**k it; I’m getting paid to go on a jet to places I’ve only dreamed about.” I’ve had crazy party moments or whatever the hell, but I realized something pretty real a while back. There weren’t any f**kin’ mentors or people around to push and prop me up. I’ve had to figure a lot of things out on my own. I had to learn that this is my career and I gotta’ come correct. That clicked in my head while I was in jail for the last time and unable to tour. I was getting letters from my agent at the time about records of mine doing well and stuff like that.

Music has been the only consistent and positive thing in my life, so it hit me hard, and I mean really hard. So many people are better than what they let others tell them they are, or what they let themselves tell them they are. When I realized that I am and always have been better than all that garbage…and hit the jet almost right out of jail to go play at the best nightclubs in the world? Hands down, one of the most memorable moments in my life, let alone on tour.

New Year’s resolutions?
To finally rinse my motherf**kin’ mouth out with a bar of soap.