Lanza Family Says Ryan Lanza Facebook Posts Are A Hoax


A poser pretending to be Ryan Lanza, brother of the shooter in the Sandy Hook tragedy that took place in Newtown, Connecticut, mourned the 27 victims–including his mother and 20 schoolchildren–through fake posts on Facebook.

The Lanza family has spoken out and tells the New York Post, who first reported the social site postings, that “Ryan did not post the messages.”

“You all will be truly be missed,” the fake Ryan wrote on Facebook. “God Bless.”

The 24-year-old, who lives in Hoboken, N.J., told the paper via the social site Saturday (Dec. 22) that he was a victim after suffering the losses of his mom and brother. On the day of the shootings, the impostor was initially misidentified by several media outlets as a suspect and was questioned by police but subsequently released.

While the real Ryan Lanza’s account is private, many Facebook users have created pages in support. “The real shooter was his brother,” one of them reads. “Please stop blaming him for the shooting. He had nothing to do with it.”