LAPD Gun Buyback Brings In Hundreds of Guns


An LAPD gun buyback brought in more than 200 weapons Wednesday, as Los Angeles residents willingly gave up their weapons in return for money.

The LAPD gun buyback in Van Nuys, CA, got off to an early start as more than 185 guns were turned in before 10AM. That haul included dozens of handguns, shotguns and rifles, including weapons popular with gang members and a Bushmaster rifle, the same kind used in the Newtown, CT shooting earlier this month.

People who attended the LAPD gun buyback were given Ralphs gift cards in exchange for their weapons. The LAPD gun buyback is usually held in May, but was moved up this year in wake of the Newtown shooting.

Some protesters attended the event, urging people to not give up their weapons, but undercover officers claimed that the gun buyback led to the recovery of several weapons used by gang members in crimes.