Celebrities Who Love Lip Tattoos


Temporary lip tattoos are a huge trend. Our fave celebs have been spotted with purrrr-fect leopard print lips, glitter galore, and all several other wild designs. But while some celebs are loving the tatted lip trend, celebrity makeup artist and Style Network star Jessica Romano isn’t a fan.

“Women wear lipstick because lips are sexy and we want to draw attention to them,” she says. “We like them to look soft and subtle in hopes that we get that much wanted kiss at the end of the night. When I think of lip decals, I don’t really envision the sexual pout I try so hard to get. Call me old-fashioned but I’m the kind of gal that prefers my lipstick in a tube. The idea of the temporary lip tatt sounds like a fun fad—until someone walking towards you crosses to the other side of the street to avoid the crazy lady with the polka dot lips!  I think this trend will be short lived and should be left to editorial looks and Ke$ha.”

Click the page to see gorgeous celebs spotted with the trend. - April Dawn Ricchuito