Loner Leaves $7.4 Million To Long Lost Cousin


A Nevada loner left $7.4 million in gold coins to a long-lost cousin. The bizarre story begins with Walter Samaszko Jr., who neighbors described as a loner. Samasko passed away this summer, and medical examiners were shocked to find ammunition boxes in Samaszko’s house stuffed with gold coins. The man had amassed a fortune in gold, which is estimated at $7.4 million.

However, the man had no close relatives, and the courts struggled to find his heir. Thanks to an old funeral document from the 1960s, they were able to locate the loner’s cousin, who lives in San Francisco. Arlene Magdanz had not spoken to her cousin in more than a year, but is now the sole inheritor of his millions.

Not every loner leaves $7.4 million, but it may pay to be nice to one you know!