A Who’s Who Guide to ‘Love & Hip-Hop New York’ Season 3



Consequence and Jen The Pen: Could this be the new Jimmy and Chrissy? The NY rapper and his radio personality girlfriend will show the challenges they face while raising their son Caiden as well as balancing their respective careers. Reality show junkies may recognize Jen from Dame Dash’s Ultimate Hustler.  

Joe Budden, Tahiry and Raqi Thunda (pictured above):  Much like the “love” triangle between Stevie J, Joseline and Mimi, the controversial rapper will be the center of many a fight with former flame Tahiry and DJ Thunda, who some suspect Joe is spending time with. And oh, let’s not forget about his current girlfriend Kaylin Garcia.

Winter (pictured on pg. 1): If you can remember, Fabolous’ ex-assistant sat in on many convos with Emily B. last season. This time, the spotlight is on her as she allegedly works on a tell-all book. Interesting…

The new season begins Monday, January 7 at 8pm on VH1.  Vixens, will you be tuned in??