Man Pulls Off Romney Mask Bank Robbery


In a scene straight out of “Point Break,” a man in a Mitt Romney mask robbed a bank in Virginia – at the same location where, two years ago, a man in a Hillary Clinton mask did the same.

The Mitt Romney mask bank robbery is reminiscent of the 1991 action movie “Point Break,” in which a group of bank robbers wearing presidential masks pull off a daring heist. This time, it wasn’t a presidential mask – just a candidate’s mask.

The Romney mask bank robbery occurred at a Wells Fargo in Sterling, VA, a town outside of Washington, DC. It is the closest Romney will come to DC for a while, most likely, given his failed presidential aspirations. But this robber got off scot-free, at least for now. Police did not say how much the masked Romney was able to steal, but they did note that this was the same branch where a man in a Hillary Clinton mask made off with a sizable amount of cash two years prior.

Police have no leads, but are apparently interviewing the employees at a local Party City store, where Romney masks are still sold. Hopefully the Romney Mask bank robber isn’t dumb enough to work at a costume store.