Mariah Carey Speaks On Chemistry Of ‘American Idol’ Judges


Being part of the “American Idol” judges should require its own spin-off reality show, but before Ryan Seacrest executive produces another drama, the all-star panel is still taking its time getting used to one another.

One-half of the head divas in charge Mariah Carey opened up about the chemistry of the panel to the Insider, saying that she was ‘shocked’ by the decisions of ‘certain’ judges.

Insider reports:

The new season of American Idol hasn’t aired yet, but the judges have already spent enough time together to become ‘a family,’ as Randy Jackson referred the group on Wednesday, and every family comes with a fair share of disagreements.

“Sometimes I’m kind of shocked as to what certain people think should go through,” said Mariah Carey, who described the new judges’ panel as “quite varied.” Mariah went on to clarify, “And sometimes we’re all in agreement and it’s obvious and there it is.”

As no group of judges has been like-minded on every decision, the important thing is that they respect each other’s opinion — something Ryan Seacrest says they’ve excelled at.

“Last night I saw us all sitting at a round table after the auditions, having a good laugh and talking about what a great process this Hollywood week is going to be,” Ryan said. “So far so good.”

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