‘Marrying The Game’ (Recap): Tiffney Walks Out and Postpones Wedding

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Will they or won’t they? That was the unanswered question last night on Marrying The Game. After The Game leaves Tiffney at home to go to Paris with his female assistant, Tiff is true to her word and takes the kids and the dog and bounces. After his Paris gig, Jay comes home to an empty house…literally (Tiff even takes the photos of his kids with her).

With only two weeks to the wedding, the two engage in a cold war with neither side reaching out to the other. We also get a look at Alyssa, The Game’s female assistant who sparked this whole ordeal, and she ain’t that cute. Sigh. Anyways, finally at her wits end, Tiff tells her wedding planner to postpone the wedding. “I know Jayceon loves me and I love him too,” she tearfully tells her friend, “but it’s just something that’s not sitting right in my spirit.” The Game finds out about the postponing when he logs onto his wedding website (Digital diss) and goes crazy, finally picking up the phone only to cuss Tiff out.

Somewhere during all of this, The Game has time to play basketball with Chris Brown and his other celebrity friends. Wait what? Yup. That happened. Viewers enjoyed a nice shirtless Brown cameo at least. He also speaks to his grandmother who tells him to focus on his own happiness. Clearly she isn’t a fan of Tiffney.

Finally, The Game comes to his fiancĂ© in the hopes of hashing it all out. He says that he misses her and his family and wants to make it work. “So NOW you want to come over?” says Tiff. By her stone cold face, it looks like she ain’t having it. “I’m just here to let you know that I love you,” says the rapper. What will Tiff say? Will The Game ever take his relationship seriously? Will this marriage ever happen? So many questions. Stay tuned next week to find out. –Sowmya Krishnamurthy