Matt Lauer Screamed At On NYC Streets?


Sounds like Today isn’t a good day for Matt Lauer. The host of NBC’s Today Show is the target of verbal abuse everywhere he goes – that’s right, Matt Lauer gets screamed at on the street – and apparently, it’s because of Ann Curry.

It’s seems that when Matt Lauer gets screamed at while walking the streets of Manhattan, it’s usually Today fans who blame Lauer for the recent departure of former co-host Ann Curry. TMZ claims Lauer is “freaked out” from being screamed at, and is “miserable” that people blame him for Curry’s acrimonious split earlier this year.

Matt Lauer might get screamed at by his bosses at NBC, who are reportedly not happy with sagging ratings and bad PR for the morning show. But there is little they can do, given that Lauer recently re-upped his contract.

Lauer seems to think getting screamed at is unjust, and doesn’t want blame for Curry leaving the show. But rumors persist that Lauer specifically asked for Curry to be removed as a stipulation in his new contract.