Maybach Music Group: Rick Ross & Co. Shut Down Miami Show Before Canceling Tour (VIDEO)


Maybach Music Group fans expecting to see Rick Ross and company perform this month at a-venue-near-you shed a tear when MMG canceled their entire tour …out of mothaf%$#!n’ nowhere, earlier this week. At first, it was rumored that death threats were to blame for the ixnay on the concert ticketsnay. However, a few days after the tearful news hit, Ross came clean citing that a move to Atlantic Records and irreconcilable differences with the tour’s promoter, a fella by the name of Shawn Gee, were to blame. Turns out the reason behind the MMG tour cancellation was less “say hello to my little friend,” and more politics and number crunching.

VIBE caught the final performance from Rick Ross, Wale, Meek Mill and more at The Fillmore Miami Beach before the tour came to its untimely end. They shut that place dowwwwn.