The A$AP Mob never stops moving. Every other rap group is always talking about being in the studio, on the grind, or running from meeting to meeting but you never see the output. Not for J. Scott (Snacks) though. Not only is he Rocky and The Mob’s DJ, but he also A&Rs for A$AP Worldwide, DJs/hosts for Baller’s Eve on East Village Radio, manages Kilo Kish and a slew of other artists (We’ll spare you the “at the same damn time” reference). During a recent interview at EVR, Scott gave VIBE some insight into his busy days, how he got his nickname and A$AP slang.

VIBE: What’s a day like for you now that you’re off that bus?
Scott: Now that I’m off tour it’s a little easier to balance things. Shows come here and there but now it’s like I wake up to a million emails. Then meeting up with [Kilo] Kish and Smash [Simmons] other people I might manage. Every Wednesday I’m still going to be on Baller’s Eve at East Village Radio. Shouts to them. They’re like my second home. That’s like my founding crew for DJing and music. We’re all from Atlanta. This is the 9th anniversary of the show. For a southern themed show to be around for 9 years in New York when it wasn’t so popular? That’s pretty significant.

Was it hard to get your work done on the tour?
On the bus it was kind of hectic because we have locked in times for sound check and we could chill for a little while before the doors opened but that wasn’t much time. And that was pretty much very day doing the same routine. I have to kind of answer emails and take all calls early in the morning, like early in the morning or after shows but that usually never happens because there’s like a million people around.

Some people kickin’ that A$AP slang. How do you feel about that?
A lot of people have caught on to A$AP slang and our humor too. I think me and Yams; we have similar humor because he’s one of the founders of and a lot of [the slang] stems from him. The Cozy Boy thing started in Miami with Yams saying some shit and it just ran. There’s a lot of slang though between the homies.

So they call you A$AP Snacks
Always Snacking And Pimping that’s my ASAP acronym. I snack a lot, probably more than anybody because I’m pescatarian so I can’t just stop at McDonald’s. But you got to come correct with the snacks around me because I don’t fuck with the foo foo shit you feel me. No high fructose corn syrup though sometimes I do get Lil Debbie’s if I slip up. I like getting the very rare snacks that each city has to offer. I like cashews and fruit but I’m not that into chocolate. This is very heavy snack talk right now.