Coming into the music business with friends that also double as your rap group can be detrimental to those very relationships. Envy and a lack of clarity on what position each member is to play have splintered innumerable crews. A$AP Twelvy is certain about his role within his family, though. More importantly he’s happy to see his brothers basking in the limelight. Whether it’s Rocky touring the world or Ferg, Nast and Addie bodying shows around the country, he’s confident of his upcoming turn. In the mean time he’s content to move as a unit with the rest of the Mob and contribute to Rocky’s upcoming album until his day to rock the spot solo comes. And with several stand out verses on Lords Never Worry plus a dope guest spot with Smoke Dza it’s clear this kid maybe slept on a tad with the patience of a saint. Guess that’s why he’s the Good Goon.

VIBE: So how was your first real tour?
Twelvy: It was crazy. Two months of straight hard work. But I loved it. I can’t wait to go back on tour.

Do you have more upcoming tours already?
We have another A$AP mob tour and the Rihanna tour. We’re just working, man. We’re trying to be a machine. We’re only a year and half into the game so all of this is a blessing. We want the same success for everybody on our team.

What did you learn on the tour?
I learned not to take this shit light. You start to see the girls and the money and the weed but you can’t get too cozy. Keep working. This shit ain’t light, this shit ain’t a game. I work as hard as anybody because I know that this shit could end any day so I’m trying to work and make the most of it while I can.

What were some of the funnier moments on tour?
[laughs] Seeing multiple people stage dive and fail. A lot of people got a little hurt. I’m not gonna lie, I busted my ass on stage slipping in some water that people splashed. Plus, I hurt my neck stage diving ain’t no health insurance with this rapping shit I’ve got to be careful.

What are some of the last year’s highlights?
The other day with Too $hort and E40 in the Bay that shit was crazy. I went to this Jeremy Scott house party during Coachella that was pretty live. I just came back from Switzerland. There was so much Cris. Maaad Cris. As soon as your bottle was half done they took it and bought you a new one. Like no empty bottles allowed. But also watching Nas, Common, Luda and Rihanna perform. All that inspires me to be a better performer. All this is teaching me to work hard and to stay focused and play my role.

So what is your role within A$AP?
My role is the big homie. Come holler at me business wise, money wise, whatever you want to talk about. I already know I don’t wanna be on camera all day. I want to understand the business. Yams and Rocky have to be execs so I try to help them. I learn from them, from Chase [Infinite]… you might hear about me being more of a business man than a rapper. I just want to participate.

Do you have any solo material due out?
A Twelvy solo is upcoming but we’re focused on how we move as a unit. I ain’t in no rush, a lot of other crews, the crew just be waiting for their time to shine. I’m not in a rush. When the time is right it’ll happen but for now I have no problems seeing my bro shine because I know I’m gonna get mine eventually. So it’s all about Rocky right now and his album.

What alliances/endorsements are you guys trying to secure besides FIFA?
Shout to my homey Dawn Baxter at Nike. I got full support from Nike, they really want me to win. You might be seeing me up on billboards. I’m from NYC so I know how to rap. I want be a man of many hats. I’m trying to get my own AAU team running around the city, too.

So how’s it feel being back in Castle Hill?
It’s love. They’re happy to see me. They just want to hear me tell stories because that motivates them. You have to be careful too because there is envy but you just have to watch for that that’s all.