Moogfest 2013 Invasion North Carolina


Moogfest has been one of the most unique and celebrated Festivals since 2004, and is setting its sights on bringing one of the hottest dance music festivals in 2013. Announcing Moogfest 2013, which honors and encompasses the unique vision and sound of the company’s founder, Dr. Bob Moog, whose technical achievements have crossed new territories in the EDM genre. The event will take place in the company’s hometown and factory location in Asheville, North Carolina. Dates and performance acts are soon to be announced, so keep your eyes and ears open.

“The way we design and build synthesizers is the way we approach Moogfest – stay focused on the future, while respecting and honoring the past,” said Emmy Parker, Sr. Marketing and Brand Manager of Moog Music Inc. “That’s why over the last 9 years artists from Keith Emerson, Brian Eno, and Bernie Worrell to M83, Flying Lotus and Orbital have all graced Moogfest stages. Music is our business, along with user experience and innovation.”